Code of Honor

The Code of Honor constitutes the binding framework of values for Khuyut directors, authors, and writers. It is also a guidance for Khuyut audio-visual and print content, on which the audience can evaluate the commitment of the platform accordingly. Khuyut is commits to enforce the principles of this code and to develop its various policies, procedures and operations in line with its content.


Our Values:

  1. Truth and Accuracy.
  2. Impartiality and Independence.
  3. Public Interest.
  4. Responsibility to Audience.
  5. The principle of Non-Violence.
  6. Independence and Integrity of Resources.

Khuyut commits:

  1. To seek truth, accuracy, independence, impartiality; and not to redact, fabricate or neglect information;
  2. to put the public interest in the first place and to prioritize it over the platform’s interest; taking into account the privacy of individuals and institutions, and not to cause them harm due to disclosure to the public;
  3. To respect the intellectual property;
  4. Not to publish photos and videos that affect the dignity of the victims, whether they are killed or injured;
  5. To use terminology precisely and carefully;
  6. To identify the sources and witnesses without compromising their safety; provide reasons where their identities are disclosed; and inform them of the context in which their statement will be used;
  7. Not to take a child's or minor's statement without the presence of a parent or a guardian. If a child's or a minor's statement is taken, it must be corroborated by, compared with and verified through other statements;
  8. To produce a content free of hate-speech, discrimination and racism; to adhere to values of justice, credibility, integrity and equity; and to take into account the gender balance;
  9. To comply with main principles of local law and international conventions and instruments;
  10. To promptly correct and apologize for inaccurate information. Moreover, the right of reply is guaranteed for anyone addressed in any content published by Khuyut, provided that the response does not exceed the topic limits;
  11. Not to give money or gifts to witnesses and information sources;
  12. To prevent its editors and authors from receiving any money, favors or gifts from any party related to what Khuyut publishes, as Khuyut covers the cost of anything done for it; 
  13. Not to publish any content that advocates or justifies violence;
  14. To rejects any support or funding from a party or an individual implicated in violent acts or violations against civilians; 
  15. To adhere to the multiplicity of sources of information in all of its content, and to obtain comments from the parties related to the topic of any content, and not to rely on one source. Whenever a party did not respond to the editor's attempts to obtain a comment, this must be clearly stated in the content; 
  16. To constantly develop mechanisms to verify the information in the content to avoid publishing rumors or fake-news.
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