Who We Are?

“Khuyut” is an independent on-line platform that provides journalistic and informative content about Yemen in its local perspective, and its links with the regional and international context. “Khuyut” platform was founded by a group of dedicated journalists, researchers, and civil activists, who believe on the need to spread Yemen's voice from the margin to the board of life related to the human and civilized commonalities with all the peoples of the world.


Khuyut is committed to providing its content with the utmost professionalism, away from the local, regional and international political and ideological polarizations and interactions. Hence, it relies on an independent team of professional journalists and writers who are impartial to any party or political entity.

Further, “Khuyut” relies on mechanisms of investigation and analysis which is not limited to the virtual form of events, but rather tracking their details and threads within the plot of events at the regional and international levels. Moreover, it pursues a strict editorial policy based on code of honor to fulfill the most professional conditions that are committed to accurate information, reliability of sources, adopts the approach of bringing closer the points of views in presenting the various issues. Thus, the platform's content varies between reports, analysis, investigation, specialized files, and intellectual studies, with a focus on conveying the stories of people who adhere to the continuity of life with yearn for peace and stability.

In addition to the above, the forms in which the content is presented vary between written and visual and audio materials, and topics which cover various political, social, economic, sport and cultural aspects as well as women and environmental issues.

Values and Ethics 

Furthermore, Khuyut believes in the values ​​of justice, love, tolerance and coexistence and it seeks to promote these values ​​through a diverse and impartial content, in both Arabic and English languages, which stems from the significance of these practical values in boosting human relations, strengthening social peace, and supporting rights and freedoms.

Likewise, Khuyut is devoted to the principle of transparency regarding the sources of funding as it was founded and launched with financial contributions of its founding body. Hence, it does not accept any political money or any conditional support, explicitly or implicitly. Otherwise, the platform is open to accept unconditional support and establishing business partnerships with institutions or organizations that believe in the same orientation and values, while emphasizing that this support shall never contradict with the platform’s independence, values, professionalism and objectivity of its content.

In conclusion, Khuyut will always seek to develop its own resources with which it was established to be able to sustain its mandate in the provision of specialized and qualitative services.

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