Yemen's Unity Prevents Strife

They're taking the country to war and unknown fate, instead of peace
Yahya bin Hussein Al-Arashi
May 30, 2023

Yemen's Unity Prevents Strife

They're taking the country to war and unknown fate, instead of peace
Yahya bin Hussein Al-Arashi
May 30, 2023
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When people are absent and lose sight of their role in preserving their homeland, sovereignty, independence, unity, freedom, and dignity, and the gains of their revolution are neglected, then they inevitably find themselves away from the developments and decisions related to their country, which becomes without institutions elected by people, subject to their control, and they are the ones who control its destiny. Therefore, affliction and adversity continue, wasting time, and paying the price.

Nevertheless, the people follow from afar, their present disenfranchised, and look forward to what is on the way about their future, as if the matter does not concern them, after they spent more than a decade in a sea of ​​blood and rubble of destruction, incapable of expressing their opinion and while they are idly. However, the achievements before them are: taking lives, disappointment in their hopes, and brokenness in their ambitions.

Likewise, the parties involved in the conflict, by force of arms, pretend that they are the representatives of the afflicted people, and that they are the ones who defend them as their legitimate proxy, despite the fact that they have chosen war over peace, injustice over justice, and deception over the truth, insisting on their illusion that they are right, if not the right itself.

In fact, our people have become oppressed, humiliated, hungry, sick, homeless, dispersed, and lost. Their heads are no longer held high at home and abroad. Their passports are violable; all eyes are on them, if not accused. The parties continue in their delusions, and delude us with them about the expected relief.

However, they're taking the country to an unknown fate, just as they took it to war and aggression, without the people having a say in it, and the people’s voice will remain absent, losing its right, their will is oppressed, under the influence of the shock of what happened to them. It no longer has an initiative or an opinion, repeating in their national anthem their rejection of those who pretend they're caretakers of Yemen, while the parties are calling for the presence of all of them. Moreover, the people follow with compulsion and despair what belongs to them, and the parties, with what they have reached, continue in their deception and delusions, and delude us with them with the expected near relief. Nevertheless, they are making the unknown fate, just as they made the war against us without the people having a say in it. Further, the voice of the people remained absent, losing its effect, and becoming helpless and powerless in what is being planned by those who pretend they're caretakers of them. What is this absurdity that we realize? And what is this negligence in our national constants and principles that we are witnessing?

Furthermore, the people of Yemen were not lying in their revolution on September 26, 1962, or in the elimination of tyranny and the priesthood. They were not lying about the revolution of October 14, 1963, against British colonialism. They were not lying about restoring their unity on May 22, 1990. Likewise, our youth were not lying about their awakening, in search of work and a decent life, against corruption and the corrupt in 2011, that was stolen from them in broad daylight. The sacrifices of the people in all these national stations were not a lie so that the concerned parties from the inside and outside would harm them and deny them, mentioning these stations with shyness, and fearing the consequences of mentioning them. The unity of Yemen is no longer mentioned except in some foreign tongues far from us, waiting for the next born from the bowels of conspiracies to be named and to divide Yemen. Besides, those who claim to have the decision in their hands see with their own eyes the so-called transitional council, as if the homeland is a game of chess in their hands or a sweet cake shared by mercenaries and agents on the days of our National Day! ‍

The unity of the homeland, which the people restored through their struggle and sacrifices, is the container for all the goodness of Yemen, the solid base, and the common denominator of the democratic political construction, with what the people accept in terms of entities that enable them to participate and prevent authoritarianism, tyranny, and exclusivity in decision-making, and to prevent our homeland from dispute and preserve its independence.

We think that we are the people of wisdom, as described by the Holy Prophet (may God's blessings and peace be upon him), but we lost it in a flash of lightning, in a moment of frustration, and revenge prevailed by the power of arms, so our conditions will not change unless we change what is in ourselves, as Allah says in the Qur'an: Allah does not change what is in a nation unless they change what is in themselves. (Great truth of God)

God has given us minds, but we have not employed them in the right place, and so then we lost the insight.

Actually, we hear about internal and external understandings, but we see a different reality across our country. Foreign troops are on our lands, our islands, and our beaches, their military vehicles are before our eyes. Besides that, various and disparate armed formations that have nothing to do with our national army, are imposed on our country with names such as the mini-Rapid Support Forces, like Sudan and Haftar Libya, whose people paid the price just as the people of Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon paid. It is an armed burden outside the womb, paid for, taking advantage of the need and ignorance of those of our youth who carry it on their shoulders and aiming it at their brothers with the disease of regionalism, separatism, or sectarianism, so that the conflict and sedition continue and to blackmail the interests of well-known brotherly or friendly countries. On the other side, our one country, Yemen, continues with its multiplicity of governments, authorities, and de facto, and the most dangerous of all is the duplication of education curricula and its employment to sow the seeds of strife and conflict in our children and our school students. Likewise, we have lost spirituality inside our mosques, and the ranks of worshipers have been divided by politicized religious discourse, which aims to divide people, not unite them, increases their ignorance in the matters of their world and hereafter, and keeps them away from our religious references, the Qur’an and Sunnah. In addition to the above, despite the lack of economy, our small banks and the money of those deposited in them, are considered as if they were not exist; their assets and benefits, and the spread of money exchange for the interests of individuals, are destructive to the national currency. Moreover, the public function is subject to special considerations, unrelated to competence, experience, science, and knowledge.

Our cultural heritage, in addition to its destruction caused by the aggression over the years of the war, is also destroyed by tampering, distorting, and removing the interests of groups of artisans in some of its landmarks, as it happened to the historical capital Sana'a, which it witnessed in some of its outlets in its modest gardens or squares of its neighborhoods, which are being usurped by setting up malls on them or shops inside them, and the tall trees are cut down in there, in which I contributed, like others, during my mission to the cooperation of Sana’a for many years past by planting its trees, watering them, and caring for them.

Further, water private wells stations are imposed on some neighborhoods of Sana’a for filling "water tanker trucks", after allowing the drilling of artesian wells, in violation of law and order, and with a permit from the concerned authorities, which are responsible for preventing tampering with the water storage in the Sana’a basin. Hence, in some neighborhoods, quietness is being removed by establishing oil stations in private or public spaces, at the gates of schools and citizens’ residences, in response to merchants and smugglers of oil and its derivatives, and with official statements on them. While many of our writers' voices became hoarse, and their pens dried up. They warned of these mistakes, but despite that, they were not heard!

These are some pictures of our conditions. So, Is it time for us to conjure up our minds, to reconcile, to forgive, to return to us our cohesion, harmony, and love among us, and to get out of the war stage to the stage of real peace, and to the state of permanent security, without dividing the country? Yes, without dividing the country!

The unity of the homeland, which the people restored through their struggle and sacrifices, is the container for all the goodness of Yemen. It is the solid base, the common denominator of the democratic political construction, with what the people accept in terms of entities that enable them to participate and to prevent authoritarianism, tyranny, and exclusivity in decision-making, which prevent our homeland from dispute, and preserve its independence. Thus, it prevents strife.

Likewise, those who have fallen into the traps of Satan, and extended their hands to any foreign country cannot build a homeland, and the good people and groups of the people will not gather around them, and they will always preclude unity. However, how wonderful it is for the national voices that believe in unity to rise above, to overcome their ordeal, and to raise their adherence to it in all parts of our country, realizing that we have no choice but unity, and besides that, a comprehensive political and economic reform, preventing corruption, and confronting external interference in our homeland, on the basis upon which everyone agrees.

None of us has the right to exclude the other or to claim possession of the truth alone. One of the parties does not have the right to represent all, unless the war is going to be internal between us. We know that politics is not a permanent enmity or permanent friendship, but our constitutional reference is inevitable; otherwise, we are without legitimacy for any step that takes place with others, as it has no value. In addition, we refuse to have the external relationship of one party at the expense of others. Our constitutional reference is the constitution, which is the only source for all our internal and external affairs. So, all the agreements with other countries or laws and regulations issued in our country that transgress the constitution, are illegitimate and worthless.

Let us fear God in ourselves. Enough division and torment; enough diaspora. It is enough for us not to have our own state with its institutions, chosen by all of us, with our democratic votes, that guarantees us—all without exclusion—the participation and the peaceful transfer of power, and also guarantees our freedom without those who pretend they're caretakers over us.

Let us reconcile first, and let us concede among ourselves; thus, we respect ourselves, and others respect us, and through this, it will be difficult for them to interfere in our affairs. Let us be the founders of our future, with our national constants and the unity that God wanted for us on May 22, 1990. Likewise, it is the container and the destiny, in the present and in the future. It is our flag under which we stand united, to protect and defend our homeland, Yemen.

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