Khuyut platform calls on the International Federation of Journalists to open an immediate investigation

Clarification Statement Regarding the Defamation Campaign
October 1, 2022

Khuyut platform calls on the International Federation of Journalists to open an immediate investigation

Clarification Statement Regarding the Defamation Campaign
October 1, 2022

“Khuyut” platform expresses its regret for the defamation campaign targeting it, which is based on false information that is constantly refuted by the documents and documents available before every fair and impartial scrutiny. The platform assures that these campaigns will not dissuade it from its original mission of creating an independent journalistic experience that raises people's voices and their issues, no matter the cost of this option.

“Khuyut” platform expresses its disappointment that the statement of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, which contained a number of inaccuracies that expressed a preconceived position not related to syndicalist action and its principles. Despite the responsiveness of the board of trustees of “Khuyut” platform with the representative of the Syndicate and enabling him to access all the prerequisite documents, the Syndicate has not provided “Khuyut” with any perceptions or conclusions as a result of the two meetings with its representative. Instead, it released a statement that lacked the most basic professional rules, knowing that the syndicate evaded the demand of “Khuyut” platform for establishing a committee of specialists consisting of a chartered accountant and a lawyer to scrutinize documents and actions to provide specialized recommendations.

As "Khuyut" expresses its astonishment at the involvement of the International Federation of Journalists in adopting a position against an independent journalistic platform operating in a highly polarized war zone, based on unfounded and unscrutinized false information, "Khuyut" platform calls on the International Federation to open an immediate investigation to find facts and take the necessary measures regarding what has been issued under its name.

Believing in the public right to know the facts, "Khuyut" platform re-explains the following points:

The platform confirms the fact that the contract concluded with the former editor-in-chief of the platform, Lutf Al-Sarari, expired on March 31, 2022, which is the agreed and signed date in the contract. The platform also confirms that he was notified in an official and documented manner in February 2022 that the contract wouldn’t be renewed, within the period specified by the applicable law and regulations, a fact substantiated by documents refuting the misinformation that he was arbitrarily dismissed.

"Khuyut" emphasizes that the former editor-in-chief has received his full fees agreed upon in the signed contracts by bank checks, and in accordance with a documentary cycle recorded since the first to the last day of his work with the platform.

“Khuyut” platform notes that all of its processes are subjected to the review of international independent auditing firms that audit all the platform activities, including resources, expenses, contracts and administrative processes, and verify the extent to which these processes comply with the best standards. The auditing firms, as a result, provide their findings and conclusions in periodic audit reports.

"Khuyut" platform, as an independent non-profit organization operating among the people in Yemen, submits that its activities are carried out depending on limited resources specified according to the project system and its mechanisms. On these resources its contracts and procedures are based, starting from the job offer to the expiry of contracts, its obligations and responsibilities.

"Khuyut" platform affirms respect for the rights of all women and men journalists within its ethical and legal obligations. It also emphasizes its constant endeavor to develop all its procedures, processes and resources to ensure compliance with the best standards, and its determination to overcome the challenges of exceptional and thorny situations and limited resources available under its management.

In order to remove one of the fabricated aspects of the confusion, “Khuyut” confirms that it is an independent platform that is not owned by any organization or entity. It was founded by independent journalists, researchers and activists, who represent its board of trustees. According to a joint cooperation agreement, Mwatana for Human Rights supports “Khuyut”, as an institutional facilitator, in the financial and administrative aspects until the completion of its registration and institutionalization.

The platform also reiterates its openness to present all its papers, documents and reports related to this issue to any competent authority for examination and verification.

"Khuyut" platform reaffirms that the only body authorized to settle any disputes is the judiciary, not the unrestrained campaigns of incitement and defamation. It also confirms its compliance with the the judiciary as an authority of competence and jurisdiction over individuals and entities.

Issued by:

Board of Trustees of "Khuyut" platform

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