Khalid Awad Saleh Nashwan

The Yemeni Inventor whose country has Lost Him
April 9, 2021

Khalid Awad Saleh Nashwan

The Yemeni Inventor whose country has Lost Him
April 9, 2021

Dr. Khalid was born in Sana'a Governorate - Al-Tayyal District - Bani Saham, Khawlan.

He does not hold any other nationality, although several countries have offered him that.

He was awarded the Knight of International Inventors Award and received the Order of Merit in Science in Yemen by a Republican Decree. He also received more than 30 major international awards and the United Nations Grand Prix WIPO Gold Award; it is the highest award in the world to be given to the best inventor, who is registered with the Encyclopedia of Yemeni most Famous Scholars.

Khaled Nashwan was born in Sana’a Governorate, where he grew up and studied primary and middle school, and completed his secondary studies, in the scientific section at Omar Al-Mukhtar School, and obtained a high academic rate; What qualified him to study Human Medicine and be nominated for a scholarship to the State of Hungary, after performing the mandatory one-year teaching service at Omar Al-Mukhtar School.

He traveled to Hungary to study medicine and finished his university studies in Human Medicine at Pécs Scientific University. His academic studies and professional doctorate in surgery were obtained from Henle Emre University in Budapest. In addition to being a surgical consultant, he is an expert administrator and an experienced economist. He has a master’s degree in economics and administrative sciences. He has a long experience in management, and has practiced it as Chairman of the Board of Directors for more than 10 years; he was the President of the General Union of Arab Inventors; where he was elected by its members from several Arab countries.

In addition, he is the representative of the President of the International Federation of Inventors for the Middle East, and he is a member of the Supreme Presidential Council of the International Federation of Inventors.

Dr. Khaled Nashwan is a surgeon, inventor, writer, poet, philosopher, and political analyst. He has an interest in various kinds of knowledge. He is also one of the most important researchers in the field of vascular diseases and atherosclerosis at the international level.

The most important product of his research is his world-renowned invention, the "Nashwan Parasound" Device, which can treat narrowed and hardened arteries without surgery, without pain and without any complications, for which he won more than thirty major international awards from different countries of the world.

Memberships Received:

- Board Certified of Hungarian Surgeons.

- Member of the Laparoscopic Surgery Organization. 

- Member of the Hungarian Writers Club.

- Member of the Federation of Hungarian Inventors.

- Honorary Member of the Union of Arab Creators.

- Chairman of the Foundation (Saba for Civilizations and Talents).

His Talents and Works:

Dr. Khaled Nashwan is considered one of the prominent writers and poets in Yemen and Europe as well. He was awarded the Hungarian Literature Prize for the year 2001, for his literary book " I Came from the Land of the Queen of Sheba", and he is also credited with establishing the invention laboratories one after the other in many schools in the Republic of Yemen at his own expense, which aims to produce real and qualified inventors, in accordance with international standards, who can support and strengthen the national economy.

He nominated himself for the Presidency of the Republic of Yemen in the 2012 presidential elections, but he renounced the candidacy three days before the elections in favor of presidential candidate Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi in order to lift Yemen out of its grave crisis and find a political solution that spares Yemen the ravages of civil war.

Those who knew Dr. Khaled from the local and international circles testify to him for his political independence, integrity, administrative efficiency, and high discipline.


- Graduated from Pécs Scientific University, Faculty of Human Medicine (Bachelor of General Medicine).

- Graduated from Heinle Emre University (PhD in Surgery).

- Graduated from the "Pécs" University, Faculty of Economics (specializing in Economics and Administrative Sciences).

Scientific Inventions:

He has many scientific inventions, and the most important of which is his world-renowned invention called "Nashwan-Parasound", which has been patented by many countries, with which narrowed arteries can be treated without surgery and without pain or complications, using both infrasound and acoustic waves. His outstanding scientific success has been proven through the 30-month experiments conducted by the Hungarian Vascular Surgery Committee, which is headed by the president of the Gypsy Vascular Surgeon Association, Professor “Lajoš Kolar“.

The scientific studies conducted on the device were published in the German scientific journal “Provision" in both German and English.

The "Nashwan Parasound" device is considered the most successful treatment device known to the medical community among the non-surgical, safest and least expensive methods, and now covers the needs of all Hungarian residents in all Hungarian provinces, and it has been used in Sana'a, the capital of the Republic of Yemen, and it will soon enter other countries to cover all countries of the world according to the expansion plan to spread the unique service of the device, which can provide future service to one-tenth of the Earth's population according to the statistics of the spread of the disease that the device treats.

Patents obtained:

- United States patent.

- Canadian patent.

- European patent.

- Hungarian patent.

Scientific Awards Received:

  • The Best Medical Invention Award, the Gold Medal, and the Merit and Excellence Award from the United States of America in 2012.
  • The United Nations Grand Prize "WIPO Gold 2009", the largest award in the world awarded to the best inventor.
  • 2006 International Confederation of Inventors Cup.
  • Hungarian Cup, 2006 Inventor of the Year title in Hungary.
  • 2005 Maria Curie International Scientific Medal.
  • 2006 French Medal of Honor from the Federation of French Inventors.
  • 2006 Nikola Tesla Gold Medal.
  • 2007 Nikola Tesla Gold Medal.
  • 2006 Taiwan Cup and Taiwan Grand Prix.
  • 2006 Best Scientific Invention Award from Taiwan.
  • 2007 South Korean Grand Prix.
  • International Gold Medal at the International Patent Fair, Geneva, 2006.
  • 2006 German Special Award.
  • 2004 Certificate of Merit and Entitlement from the State of Romania.
  • Jubilee Gold Medal at the German International Inventions Exhibition 2005.
  • 2004 Russian International Gold Medal.
  • 2005 Polish International Gold Medal.
  • 2005 Romania International Gold Medal.
  • 2006 Croatian International Gold Medal.
  • 2007 Malaysia International Gold Medal.
  • 2007 Korea International Gold Medal.
  • 2008 King of Thailand Award for International Invention.
  • 2009 Jubilee Gold Medal from Hungary.
  • International Gold Medal of the International Federation of Inventors at the German International Inventions Exhibition 2009.
  • 2009 Korea International Gold Medal.
  • 2010 Sydney Cup of Best Scientific Invention from Australia.
  • 2010 Slovenian International Gold Medal.
  • 2010 Taiwan International Gold Medal.
  • International Gold Medal from Poland and State of Poland Award (2010).

Scientific and Cultural Decorations and Literary Awards Received:

  • Medal of Merit in Science 2009 (Presidential Honors in Yemen issued by Presidential Decree).
  • Knight International Inventors Medal (June 13, 2009), with the rank of Professor.
  • Hungarian Literature Prize 2001, by the General Federation of Hungarian Federations.
  • Shield of the Arab League 2009.
  • Shield of the Yemeni Parliament 2009.
  • Golden Crown of Sana’a (2004 AD), which is the highest cultural Decoration awarded by the Ministry of Culture in Yemen.
  • Souvenir of Sanaa, Capital of Arab Culture 2004.
  • Honorary Membership of Arab Creators Union.
  • Souvenir of the Ministry of Expatriate Affairs in the Republic of Yemen 2004.

Books Published by Him:

  • A literary and poetic book written in the Hungarian Language entitled "I Came from the Land of the Queen of Sheba", for which he was awarded the Hungarian Literature Award in 2001, by the General Federation of Hungarian Federations.
  • He wrote an entire section of poetry in a comprehensive literary book of some of the prominent Hungarian writers entitled "Antolovia".
  • A philosophical book entitled "Wisdom" is under publication and will be published in English, German, Latin, Arabic and Hungarian. This book is the product of his thoughts and personal experiences. 
  • A book about the Republic of Yemen is under publication.
  • He co-authored and researched a book titled "Your Guide to Innovation Leadership" for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.
  • Dr. Khaled Nashwan co-authored a comprehensive book for Hungarian writers, where a whole chapter was dedicated to him in this comprehensive book published in 2002

His Most Important Social, Scientific and Legal Activities:

He established, at his own expense, the (Saba for Civilizations and Talents) Foundation in Hungary, which aims to promote to the Arab civilization and Yemen through the festivals and art exhibitions that it holds.

He established, for the first time, the Invention Lab in the Republic of Yemen. Under establishment at his own expense, the Yemen Foundation for Development, Awareness and Media which includes the following sections:

A- Dr. Khaled Nashwan Center for Studies and Research in the capital Sana'a.

B - Yemen Youth Center for Development and Voluntary Work.

C- The National Center for Tracking Corruption.

H - The National Center for Awareness of Rights and Duties.

D- Board of Trustees of the Dr. Khaled Nashwan Innovation Award.

E - The National Center for Professional Media Training.

F - The National Center for the Protection of Child Rights.

G - The National Center for Studies and Research on Women's Affairs and the Protection of Their Legitimate Rights.

His Hobbies:

His hobbies are diverse. He loves reading, research, discovery, and is interested in knowledge in its various forms, whether it is scientific, literary, historical, and others

He said: “When I study physics, I feel that this is the thing I love the most, but I discover the same psychological closeness when a book about chemistry, surgery, history, literature and so on is being carried by me.” He also loves to watch documentaries and science movies.

He is interested in knowing global, regional and local historical events, and as he said: The human instinct that has been fixed in man throughout the ages was the first leader that was leading man's behavior and path and thus making his history; Because of the constancy of these innate elements, we find history repeated and repeating itself. Hence, knowing the historical tracks through different ages and eras helps us discover these innate human constants; if this is discovered and known with knowledge of historical processes and their dynamism; this qualifies us to look at the present and the future with an objective analytical view that may sometimes be fateful for peoples, if one is in the decision-making places, and it is also an essential element in choosing a sound educational and intellectual method from which the present generation draws to make a present with its sound rules, which qualifies the future generation to be able to advance and discover their capabilities and benefit from them effectively and correctly.

Brief Overview of his Cultural Activities:

Dr. Khaled Nashwan began writing poetry in the Hungarian Language at the end of his first academic year in Hungary, and his works began to appear in Hungarian newspapers in the second academic year at the Faculty of Medicine.

Alexandra House for Publishing and Distribution issued his first literary book entitled "I Came from the Land of the Queen of Sheba" in 2001, which contained poetry, wisdom, prose and short stories. With this book, he was awarded the Hungarian Literature Award for the year 2001 by the General Federation of Hungarian Federations.

Dr. Khaled Nashwan is considered the first foreigner in the history of Hungary to publish a literary book written in the Hungarian Language. His book, mentioned above, received great attention in the cultural and media circles, especially when his Yemeni nationality was mentioned, which was mentioned in every news published about him or an interview with him.

His keenness to preserve the singularity of Yemeni Nationality was of strategic importance in his mind; That success should go to his country and to the Arab and Islamic nation as well, especially after the 9/11 events in the United States of America, which resulted in a fierce media campaign that sought to marginalize and distort the Arab and Islamic civilization and put it in the dock, and to attempt to belittle the Arab and Islamic personality and its role in the path of human and cultural renaissance.

The writings of Dr. Khaled Nashwan call for moderation in everything, and for peace, and call for noble morals, and thus he was able to represent his homeland and Islamic civilization through his thought and behavior.

Dr. Khaled Nashwan is considered the founder and president of the (Saba) Foundation for Civilizations and Talents, which aims to promote tourism to the Arab world, and one of its goals is to introduce the Western world to the ancient Arab and Islamic civilization that was the cradle of civilizations. Under his supervision and assistance through the “Saba” Foundation, which he founded and in cooperation with Alexandra Publishing and Distribution in Hungary, which is the largest publishing house in Hungary, (8) books have been published about eight Arab countries, including: Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, and Tunisia, in addition to a book about Libya and another about Algeria that is in print.

His news covered a lot of visual, print and audio media at the local and international levels alike, and the name of Dr. Khaled Nashwan was accompanied by the reputation of his Arab and Islamic nation, and in the first place his country, Yemen.

He participated in many scientific, cultural and social conferences, and many figures spoke and wrote about him.

The Hungarian poet and journalist “Rozvan Georg” wrote many poems about him. He is a well-known poet and writer in Hungarian circles, and he has published more than twenty books and divans.

"Rozvan George" published a divan he wrote about Dr. Khaled Nashwan in 2003, under the title "Prince Khaled and the Queen of Sheba and Tales of a Thousand and Two Nights"; Where he said in the introduction: "When there is an amazing country like Yemen, and when there is a book for her son that stirs up the obsession of writing, this is how these poems and stories were born. The book “I Came from the Land of the Queen of Sheba” by Prince Dr. Khaled Nashwan motivated and moved me towards writing this book."

The main wish of Dr. Khaled Nashwan was to see his homeland and his nation among the ranks of developed countries in all areas of life.

Many Yemeni, Arab, and European channels conducted many interviews and documentaries with him, and links to them are available on the Doctor's website.

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