Fatima Ali Al-Ashabi

The Healer of Griefs with Sorrows
October 26, 2021

Fatima Ali Al-Ashabi

The Healer of Griefs with Sorrows
October 26, 2021

Fatima was born in the village of Beit Al-Ashabi - Al-Mahwit governorate. She is a writer, poet and author. She was deprived of education because of the customs that prevailed on girls’ education. She, secretly, learned the basics of reading and writing with self-effort. When her father, who was a tribal Sheikh, knew about this, he was overjoyed. He brought her a tutor home. He taught her the Holy Koran, intonation, jurisprudence, biography, interpretation, grammar and other sciences. After her marriage, she intermittently attended formal education until she entered university. She worked as a researcher at the Yemeni Studies and Research Center in Sana'a, then as deputy director of the Yemeni Cultural Center in Cairo.

Her Literary Works:

It is Fatima, a collection of poems that were released in Baghdad.

Dawn Glow (in association), published in 1991. 

Herbal Folk, a poetry collection. 

Tomorrow We'll Be Together, a poetry collection. 

We Might Laugh One Day, a poetic collection. 

Daughter of the Sheik, a novel.

She has participated in a number of literary festivals and forums and has received a number of awards and certificates of recognition. She is a member of a number of federations, syndicates, and literary and feminist organizations. 

Here is a part from a poem of hers entitled “The Homeland in a Diplomatic Briefcase": 

In despair I flog my ribs

and pour my heart into my deep bottoms 

I have sacrificed the life in the name of my chivalry 

to soften the heart of the rock under my fingers

I filled myself with negligence to the core 

so fields of thorns grew in my heart 

I am more remorseful with the result of loss

than with my remorse to my disorientation

And I roam the lands of the mirage with my defect

and heal the griefs with sorrows 

I blindfolded the emotions of my eyes

with my blood-colored tears

It's okay if time storms my oasis

and my soul breaks on my branches 

It's okay if the place is expelled my chivalry

to take refuge from my prison to my prisoner 

It's okay if the place expelled my chivalry

to escape from my prison to my jailer

It is okay if my resurrection takes place against me 

and I escape from myself to Satan

It's okay if existence hears my plight

because my sterile voice did not give birth to my power 

I adored and preserved my miserable homeland

from vein to vein, yet it abandoned me

It was forced on me to leave for my loneliness

how hard displacement is in my homeland

Oh, maybe the disorientation opened my eyes

to see a stranger leading me to my end

Oh, I might be suspicious of him coming towards me

and I might give him hugs

And maybe he'll pluck me out of my soil 

and replant me out of mind

I have neither family nor 

parents, or what necessitates my disobedience

She has another poem entitled "Longing for the Beginning" 

On the path of my compulsive night 

I hesitated like a bewildered nightingale

I stood bandaging the night wound

all I had was the temptation of the misfortune

I stood panting on the hunchback

tired of my lost footsteps

I looked at yesterday in heartbreak 

and how I traveled to my presence

And how I asked the darkness about tomorrow

when longing has shone in my eyes

I cry when I will cross the sea; caring not 

about the roaring and raging waves

And I have a strong determination

and my heart has the wakefulness of a bird

But after a restless quest 

I came across what I forgot 

And that is only a supply for tomorrow 

in my heart like a sinking desert spring 

And he who has less supply in his journey

is the most miserable person.

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