Al-Aqsa Flood and the Battle of Conceptions

The "democratic" West supports the Israeli killing machine
Shatha Al-Areeqi
October 23, 2023

Al-Aqsa Flood and the Battle of Conceptions

The "democratic" West supports the Israeli killing machine
Shatha Al-Areeqi
October 23, 2023

With the inauguration of “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation launched by Al-Qassam brigades on the morning of Saturday, October 7, 2023, it dispelled the illusion of the world’s greatest armies in its first hours, and brought down the theory of the balance of power and the concept of deterrence, as the resistance factions were able, with modest resources in equipment, weapons, and numbers, to shake the Israeli occupation state with its security, military and technological powers.

Not only that, but the West stood distracted in the face of this unexpected operation, unable to analyze the situation or look at it rationally and impartially, and perhaps wondering in shock; how this group was able to threaten an entity that we sponsor and protect?! Then many concepts collapsed as a result of the horror of the shock, as this West began to contradict itself day after day, and go against the trend that it had always promoted itself; Through repression, dilution of concepts, confusion and clearly lying in public. Thus, the West, which was playing cleverly to hide its intentions, is now playing in a scandalous and racist manner.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the United Nations on December 10, 1948, seven months after the establishment of the occupying state in May 1948, was the most popular concept during the past era. However, it established states and toppled others, but since the beginning, it failed in its first test about what is happening in Palestine as the result of that test was announced today, and it became flawless to everyone.

Developed countries, which have always claimed to adhere to the principles and concept of human rights, have collaborated to support the biggest “terrorist” operation and war crimes that the world has ever witnessed in the present time, with clear and undisputed evidence, sign and arguments. The crime of bombing the National Baptist Hospital in Gaza on the evening of October 17 was one of the most severe manifestations of hostility toward humanity, with killing of more than five hundred patients and civilians who took safe refuge in the hospital to escape the brutal raids.

In addition to the Western backing for this Israeli brutality, suppression is practiced against the pro-Palestinian media means and the social media accounts supporting the Palestinian case, whether in America or European countries and other countries of the world. The intimidation comes on the other hand, as we witness the restriction of movements and the banning of the protest stands in support of Palestine in most countries that claim democracy and freedom of expression, not to mention gagging the mouths and arresting journalists who stand in solidarity with Palestinian civilians, and sometimes even destroying their careers. Finally, practicing "terrorism" of stabbing and killing defenseless civilians in the streets of some countries, all of this as a result of the wrong mobilization of Western media which became full of violence and falsification.

What is happening in Gaza makes it crucial to awaken the global conscience and discontinuing this farce, curbing the lust of this raging monster, and holding the Israeli government and its army leaders accountable as war criminals in the International Court.

It is clear that the countries that have used to promote themselves as the most democratic, have become the most dictatorial today without shame, and even bragging in front of the eyes and hearing of the world. The difference between democracy and dictatorship is that dictatorial states are the ones who control themselves and their people by force, while democratic countries are the ones who control the world by force. Thus, a hypothesis is put forward that: “the more nations became democratic, the more they are controlled by the most democratic countries.”

This hypothesis is limited to the concept of democracy in its Western form, which has become clear today, not in its literal concept. The democratic world stands today and watches the massacres committed against children, women, the elders, and the defenseless civilians in the besieged Gaza, dozens of them are killed at every moment, without condemnation or rejection of such terrorism.

Additionally, the Western media itself is still attacking the Palestinians, distorting their image, inciting on every resistant because he is an Arab, or because of his religion, nothing has changed and they are not moved by the massacres that are taking place. The world today gives a green light to Israeli extremists to massacre the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, stands and supports the crime of war, genocide, and brutal aggression against weak peoples, and blessing the bombing of residential houses and facilities to which civilians resort to for fear of death. 

What is happening in Gaza makes it crucial to awaken the global conscience, stop this farce, curbing the lust of this raging monster, and hold the Israeli government, its president in particular, and its army commanders accountable as war criminals in the international court.

If this war ends with the extermination and displacement of Palestinians, the world will fall due to this moral crime that will ends the course of the United Nations and international law, and we will witness a new era of Western hegemony and great dictatorship. This war will determine either that the world is free and its inhabitants enjoy human rights, or that the world will be divided into masters and followers, and these will become like puppets.

It is not the issue of Palestine alone, but rather the issue of humanity, of the system, of the law, an issue of suffering for many years, in which humans tried to find rules of governance and rights that distinguished themselves from other non-human beings.

The issue of suppressed peoples falling under the hegemony of extremist forces that falsely and hypocritically told the world that they are defending rights and democracy, so either this issue will prevail or the world will fall; There is no third option.

From this standpoint, we have to reconsider many concepts related to political science, such as democracy, dictatorship, freedom of expression, human rights, “terrorism,” deterrence, the balance of power, and many wars in which the winning side in favor of the good.

In conclusion: We are faced with the responsibility of reconsidering the concepts, ideas and history that have been exported to us, and then analyzing them and reflecting them on today’s reality. Therefore, we must at least discontinue importing ideas, and start producing them in our fields of knowledge, especially those related to our destiny and the freedom that has become dependent on them.

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